Ultralift Advantage – Ultralift Technologies, Inc.


Our competitive advantage versus other solutions on the market:
  • All you need to do to retrofit your trailer to be compatible with our power tool is by installing our adaptor which takes less than a minute. No welding or intense labor needed like other solutions in the marketplace.
  • No Maintenance of any kind is required except having to recharging the lithium powered battery whenever it reaches the low indicator level.
  • Our solution is more cost effective as you do not need to purchase a power tool per trailer. You may purchase just one unit and it would work on all of your trailers in your fleet once they are retrofitted with our adaptors.
  • Our solution does not require you to hook onto power from your tractor/truck or trailer nor need to access any other active compartment on your tractor/truck or trailer.
  • Your manual crank stays mounted on your trailer and can be used as a backup option if the power tool isn’t available for use or running low on battery.
  • 3 year warranty on all working parts in our power tool and 1 year warranty on our lithium battery.
Our power tool advantage versus manual cranking:
  • Protect your driver/operator from unnecessary risk associated with manually cranking the landing gear over time.
  • Save at least 50% of the time from manually cranking  the landing gear to getting back on the road faster.
  • Eliminate worker’s compensation claims regarding landing gear injuries due to your driver’s/operator/s repetitive motion movement from manually cranking over time. A Shoulder surgery is estimated at over $40,000 and a back surgery is even more. Let’s also not exclude wrist and arm surgeries as well. The bigger drawback is having a driver/operator potentially out of work for 6 months to a year or longer.
  • Reduce your driver/operator fatigue so that they can focus better on the road.
  • Reduce potential damage to your tractor’s/truck’s 5th wheel and your trailer’s front edge by allowing proper height adjustment during coupling and decoupling with our power tool. This is important because certain drivers/operators tend to use short cuts to avoid more manual labor which in turn may cost your company more money in damage/repair expenses over time.
  • Promotes a safer working environment and improves employee morale instantly and gradually.