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Cash Bonuses vs. Tech Upgrades for Trucking Companies

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a lot of headlines boasting that certain companies have turned tax cut savings into bonuses for their employees. Some of those stories involve trucking companies. And while we would never try to stand in the … Read More

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Truck Driving Technology Doesn’t Threaten Trucking Jobs

The topic of truck driving technology made its way into the popular press recently when The Atlantic published an article on the future of self-driving trucks. The piece strove to paint a rosy picture of automation in the trucking industry, … Read More

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Alleviating Persistent Pressures on Trucking Companies

The trucking industry faces significant pressures in the current economic environment, and these pressures add to the need for efficiency in trucking operations. The Ultralift power tool may represent only a small increase in inefficiency on its own, but it … Read More

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Ultralift Looks to the Future of Truck Driving Technology

Orian Research recently released a 97-page report profiling 10 companies in the trucking software industry. It is the latest reminder of the technological shifts that are only beginning for the field of truck driving. It’s not very difficult to speculate … Read More

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Happy Employees

Retaining Your Staff of Truck Drivers is More Important than Ever

Last week, we discussed how the Ultralift power tool can help to improve worker morale by giving truck drivers the impression that their employers are interested in safeguarding their health and improving the overall comfort of the job. Since then, … Read More

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Ultralift Helps Increase Worker Morale

This blog frequently focuses on the notion of reducing costs for truck fleet operators, particularly by reducing the instances of injuries and back problems from truck driving. But perhaps not enough emphasis is given to the simple matter of increasing … Read More

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Using Cost-Savings to Improve Truck Driving Technology

On Thursday morning, President Trump made headlines with a tweet targeting the relationship between Amazon and the United States Postal Service. He suggested that the USPS was allowing itself to be taken advantage of and should be charging much more … Read More

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Drop-and-Hook More Difficult for Truck Drivers in Winter

Winter weather presents a unique set of challenges to truck drivers. But few people consider the effects of the season on anything other than road conditions, and perhaps the comfort of the cab. Certainly, the roads can be treacherous at … Read More

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Self Driving Semi Truck Mercedes

Not all Industry Automation is a Threat to Truck Drivers

Image credit: Mercedes Benz In the trade press for the transportation industry, there have been a number of recent reports on the future of self-driving trucks. Naturally, many truck drivers are concerned that this will contribute to job loss. But … Read More

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Hand-Crank for Trailer Landing Gear: An Unnecessary Obstacle

In previous posts on this blog, we’ve talked a lot about the injuries that can result from lowering trailer landing gear without following proper drop and hook safety procedures. But while we’ve generally focused on stress injuries that result from … Read More

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