On Thursday morning, President Trump made headlines with a tweet targeting the relationship between Amazon and the United States Postal Service. He suggested that the USPS was allowing itself to be taken advantage of and should be charging much more for Amazon to use it for last-mile parcel delivery.

We’re not experts in the operations of these particular companies, but the tweet seemed hasty. The USPS is not necessarily losing out on the relationship. Both companies benefit from the relationship, Amazon through lower overhead and the USPS through increased volume for a delivery infrastructure that is already established.

But this isn’t a political blog, and you may wonder what the president’s tweet has to do with the truck driving profession or the Ultralift power tool. Well, when we read the tweet it occurred to us that the president might have been unknowingly advocating for a situation in which truck operators – whether for Amazon or the USPS – keep less of the money that it might take to modernize their fleets and improve the health and safety of individual drivers.

Fair pricing is something that all companies should aspire to, but when overlapping industries work together, there are mutual advantages to be found in passing on savings to infrastructural investments.

The Ultralift power tool is not a particular demanding investment for any given truck. But when you’re talking about massive fleets like those associated with Amazon and the USPS, lost revenue or increased costs could end up depriving some vehicles of technology that would help to reduce truck driving injuries, increase job satisfaction, and make perhaps make the business and its close partners more lucrative over the long term.

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