In 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration adopted a new rule allowing for the revocation of licenses for operators who have been found to conceal a history of safety violations through the use of “chameleon companies”. Yet the problem persists: trucking operators change the names of their companies or spread their operations across several front companies in order to limit the public scrutiny that follows them after past violations.

You can expect savvy clients and discriminating job-seekers to be aware of this trend. Unfortunately, the poor behavior of other trucking operators may haunt you even if your safety record is clean. That is to say, as long as chameleon companies exist, it will be relatively difficult for people to be confident that your publicly-viewable record is accurate.

In this industry landscape, it may be beneficial for conscientious trucking operators to overcompensate and wear their commitment to safety on their sleeves. When being vetted by prospective clients or employees, the Ultralift power tool is a clear symbol of that commitment. After all, the company that addresses the problem of shoulder injuries and back problems from truck driving is less likely to subject its drivers to the more familiar dangers of excessively long hours, a lack of routine maintenance, and so on.

Those are the sorts of problems that are most likely to affect a company’s safety rating, and thus to push that company toward deceptive tactics. But back problems and repetitive stress injuries constitute an entire underlying set of consequences for the same disregard of safety standards. And while those issues might be less visible in a public safety record, their absence is a very obvious endorsement for any company that has gone the extra mile, as by adopting the Ultralift power tool.


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