The latest data shows that truck driving remains one of the most dangerous professions in the country, accounting for 918 fatalities in the year 2016 alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. No doubt this is a major contributing factor in the difficulty that many trucking operators face in filling positions and keeping them filled.

That issue is made worse by the fact that the pay scale for the industry doesn’t always compensate for the danger of injury and death from collisions and on-the-job accidents. This is enough of a disincentive for some drivers even when they aren’t aware of the potential for back problems from truck driving, or repetitive stress injuries from performing drop-and-hook procedures over and over again.

Naturally, there are safety upgrades and training courses that can diminish the incidence of workplace accidents. But there’s only so much that a trucking operator can do to eliminate driver error and acts of God. On the other hand, non-driving related shoulder and back injuries can be greatly reduced in number, and at little cost, by installing the Ultralift power tool.

This may not make truck driving a much safer industry overall. But with the margins as thin as they are between job openings and job seekers, a little bit less risk just might be the difference between full staff and unfilled vacancies within your fleet.

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