Happy Employees

Last week, we discussed how the Ultralift power tool can help to improve worker morale by giving truck drivers the impression that their employers are interested in safeguarding their health and improving the overall comfort of the job. Since then, reports have emerged that sketch out the prospects for the truck driving industry over the year ahead, and these only underscore the importance of bolstering worker morale.

Firms like FTR Transportation Intelligence have determine that truck orders are on the rise and that the market was nearly at capacity at the end of 2017. Obviously, this is good news, but it also presents a challenge because there are simply not enough truck drivers to operate all those vehicles.

Under those conditions, employee turnover is a serious threat. And we already know that many truck drivers do not remain in their positions for very long before injuries and the other pressures of the job compel them to explore other options.

Going into 2018, it is more important than ever to make sure that incidences of injury are as low as possible. If doing so also reduces the overall burden of truck driving jobs for people in your employ, it will go a long way toward preventing your company and the industry as a whole from being overextended. There is perhaps no simpler or more cost-effective way of making progress toward that goal than by installing the Ultralift power tool.


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