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Drop-and-Hook More Difficult for Truck Drivers in Winter

Winter weather presents a unique set of challenges to truck drivers. But few people consider the effects of the season on anything other than road conditions, and perhaps the comfort of the cab. Certainly, the roads can be treacherous at … Read More

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Not all Industry Automation is a Threat to Truck Drivers

Image credit: Mercedes Benz In the trade press for the transportation industry, there have been a number of recent reports on the future of self-driving trucks. Naturally, many truck drivers are concerned that this will contribute to job loss. But … Read More

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Hand-Crank for Trailer Landing Gear: An Unnecessary Obstacle

In previous posts on this blog, we’ve talked a lot about the injuries that can result from lowering trailer landing gear without following proper drop and hook safety procedures. But while we’ve generally focused on stress injuries that result from … Read More

Injuries in the Trucking Industry are Too Widely Accepted

We recently came across an article on injuries in the trucking industry which started with the declaration that “everybody knows” truckers suffer from lower back pain. This is a rather sad commentary on the state of the industry. It should … Read More

Ultralift Benefits Drivers, Whether Human or Robot

Analysis of the trucking industry is looking increasingly closely at the prospect of a driverless future. We suppose that taking the drivers out of the equation altogether is one way to avoid truck driving injuries. But no one seriously thinks … Read More

Trailer Driving Safety Compensates for Contraction of Workforce

The trucking industry lost about 100 jobs in the month of September, marking what some analysts believe may be the beginning of a negative outlook for the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. If they’re correct, that means … Read More

Trailer Landing Gear Crank Injuries Drive Women from Trucking

Fleet Owner recently published an article that discussed efforts to attract more women to the trucking industry.* Currently, women make up no more than six percent of the more than three and a half million truck drivers in the United … Read More

Not the Only Alternative to Hand-Crank Landing Gear, But The Best

If you look back only a few years, you should have little trouble finding press releases and review articles boasting about other technological solutions to the problem of trailer landing gear crank injuries. We have the utmost confidence that all … Read More

When is a Mistake not a Mistake in Drop-and-Hook Procedure?

If you’re not highly experienced as a truck driver, there’s a good chance that you have made (or will make) the mistake of lowering your trailer’s landing gear too far before taking on a load. If you don’t leave a … Read More

Trailer Landing Gear and the Future of Trucking Technology recently ran an article1 featuring input from Lars Stenqvist, the executive vice president of Volvo Group Trucks Technology, regarding “the tech that will drive the future of trucking”. Naturally, we were curious about how his vision might include the … Read More

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